(2013) Bru can be configured to brew the hot beverage of your choice. By changing the vacuum bottle lids you can enjoy coffee, tea, or simply hot water. Once finished, remove the vacuum bottle from the station and be on your way.

The design combines tasks of brewing hot beverages. The water boiler is fully integrated into the docking station. It eliminates the need for pouring hot liquids which reduces the risk of spills and burns.

The translucent cup attaches to the bottom of the vacuum bottle via a bayonet mount. By pressing the orange button, contents of the bottle can be dispensed into the cup, reducing the risk of spilling your hot beverage.

View of the water tank and coil.

After looking at the items needed to enjoy a hot beverage on the go, I saw an opportunity to combine. This is the original "napkin sketch" that led to the final design concept.